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LinkedIn Top Voice, Trusted Business Advisor, Management Consultant, Author, TEDx Speaker, Panel Chair and Event Host.

The person behind Ecaveo is Paul Forrest… With a robust background spanning three decades in management consulting, Paul brings a wealth of expertise in both business and board advisory roles. His extensive experience covers a broad spectrum from startups to scale-ups, and a keen emphasis on growth-focused large listed companies. Throughout his career, Paul has successfully navigated numerous funding initiatives, exit strategies, and significant capital events.

He is adept at growth hacking, mentoring, and coaching, all of which have bolstered his reputation as a seasoned non-executive director with a portfolio showcasing his capacity to foster top-tier teams. These teams are strategically primed to drive rapid and sustainable growth in competitive business environments.

This combination of deep industry knowledge and practical experience makes me uniquely qualified to lead and advise businesses aiming for accelerated growth and market leadership. Paul’s strategic approach not only meets the immediate needs of businesses but also aligns with long-term goals, ensuring a clear path to success in dynamic markets.