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The person behind Ecaveo is Paul Forrest… With a robust background spanning three decades in management consulting, Paul brings a wealth of expertise in both business and board advisory roles. His extensive experience covers a broad spectrum from startups to scale-ups, and a keen emphasis on growth-focused large listed companies. Throughout his career, Paul has successfully navigated numerous funding initiatives, exit strategies, and significant capital events.

He is adept at growth hacking, mentoring, and coaching, all of which have bolstered his reputation as a seasoned non-executive director with a portfolio showcasing his capacity to foster top-tier teams. These teams are strategically primed to drive rapid and sustainable growth in competitive business environments.

This combination of deep industry knowledge and practical experience makes me uniquely qualified to lead and advise businesses aiming for accelerated growth and market leadership. Paul’s strategic approach not only meets the immediate needs of businesses but also aligns with long-term goals, ensuring a clear path to success in dynamic markets.


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"Paul’s outstanding knowledge, experience and commitment to supporting entrepreneurialism makes him a truly accomplished member of the business community...

Paul has a welcoming approach not just to Blue chip corporations that appoint him, but to the ordinary start ups that he engages with passionately."

Mohammed Suhail (GM) Gissa FRSA
GM Group

"Paul is without doubt the leading management consultant operating in the UK today. His knowledge covers all aspects of Investment, M&A, Business Consultancy and every aspect of business development you can imagine.

I should also add that Paul is a true team player always there to support, coach and advise. I have been on the receiving end of this support and am certainly the beneficiary. "

Russell Dalgleish
Scottish Business Network

"I worked for Paul at both BDO and at Mazars. I am yet to meet anyone in the professional services industry with the in-depth and commercially focussed industry/sector knowledge that Paul has in several sectors.

This knowledge, combined with his armoury of consulting tools and techniques enabled us to beat off competition from the Big 4 to win and deliver various projects with high profile clients to a very high standard."

Daniel Beaumont
Private Investor

Paul demonstrates an incredible depth of knowledge derived from direct experience which has been of immense value in each of the projects that we have collaborated on.

Paul's practical, action oriented approach was demonstrated recently when I was able to join one of his workshops where, when working with a concerned leadership team, he was able to inform, guide and provide the basis of a clear action plan within a few short hours.

In my experience, Paul is peerless in the field of M&A bringing experience from countless projects across diverse sectors.

Steven Turner
Sigma Solved

With Paul's leadership and input, we were able to exceed the client's expectations and to achieve high levels of scored client satisfaction. Paul always made himself available to assist and lead the project whether face to face in São Paulo, over the phone or via email. He gave us the confidence to take the initiative and to build a strong and profitable client relationship.

Paul is a highly skilled business leader and motivator. He assembled and developed a world-class, high performing, international team to work with us in Brazil, other LatAm countries and in the US/UK and I am proud to have worked with him. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Valdimir Martins Santos

I have always found Paul to be very knowledgeable about any subject I have ever needed or my clients have needed to discuss with him. He is a very intelligent, personable, and cool headed. I always look forward to business meetings with him as they are always interesting and positive.

When it comes to the sort of advice my clients need from a Corporate Finance perspective, I look no further than Paul.

Peter Power-Hynes
Global Energy


Paul is one of those rare people who "gets it". While everyone else was chasing 'clicks' during the era, Paul focused on partnerships and long term relationships. My two take-aways from working with Paul are his creativity through lateral thinking and his uncommon empathy with clients.

David Van Den Berg

Paul is one of those rare people who naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole team.

With a background in management consultancy, Paul is uncharacteristically hands on, action oriented and passionate about how to grow our business. With strong communication and interpersonal skills, Paul is able to work with complex subject matter around insight and analytics and set it in context to how our clients can exploit it to their benefit. This helps us make better decisions about candidates and this helps us to facilitate our clients making the right hiring decisions.

Pete Docherty
MBN Solutions

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